Underground parking ‘t Zand Bruges

Parking t Zand Brugge

Underground parking ‘t Zand Bruges SPRINKLERPROJECT The Crucial Role of Goddeeris at Parking 't Zand in Bruges Welcome to a fascinating look behind the scenes of the large-scale project: the metamorphosis of Parking ‘t Zand in charming Bruges. This project includes an extensive transformation involving every conceivable modern element, from HVAC to plumbing, fire protection, […]

Mulder Natural Foods Roeselare

HVAC project Mulder Natural Foods

Mulder Natural Foods Roeselare HVAC PROJECT Who is Mulder Natural Foods? Mulder Natural Foods, founded in 2004, is a major company in the world of breakfast cereals, with a strong position in the European market over the past 17 years. As a passionate producer of breakfast products, they pride themselves on their wide range of […]

Colruyt in Halle

Piping Colruyt Halle

Colruyt in Halle PIPING PROJECT Efficient Refrigeration for Colruyt Halle Distribution Center Colruyt Halle’s distribution center underwent a significant renovation and expansion late last year. To ensure that all their fresh products remain at the right temperature, Goddeeris implemented the innovative Liquid Ice Piping Project. What is the Liquid Ice Piping Project? The Liquid Ice […]

Unilin in Oostrozebeke

Unilin Oostrozebeke

Unilin in Oostrozebeke SPRINKLER PROJECT Major Works at Unilin: New Storage Depots in Oostrozebeke It’s time for large-scale works at Unilin! It is with great pride that we show some pictures of their beautiful new storage sheds in Oostrozebeke. It’s clear that Unilin doesn’t do anything by halves when it comes to their expansion projects. […]

Agristo in Wielsbeke

Agristo Wielsbeke

Agristo in Wielsbeke PIPING PROJECT The Piping Project at Agristo Wielsbeke's Modern Water Treatment Complex In today’s society, the importance of sustainable and efficient water management cannot be underestimated. Agristo in Wielsbeke understands this and has invested in a modern water treatment complex to treat the process water of their production facility in an environmentally […]

Clarebout Potatoes Nieuwkerke

Clarebout Nieuwkerke

Clarebout Potatoes Nieuwkerke SPRINKLER PROJECT Efficient sprinkler installation for Clarebout Potatoes Nieuwkerke As one of the world’s leading players in frozen potato products for private labels, Clarebout Potatoes plays a crucial role in the food industry. To ensure that their facilities are optimally equipped with the latest safety measures, Clarebout Potatoes has partnered with Goddeeris. […]

Ostend Basic Chemicals

Ostend basic chemicals pijpleidingen

Ostend Basic Chemicals PIPING PROJECT Piping project at Ostend Basic Chemicals In Ostend, Goddeeris proudly implemented the OSTEND BASIC CHEMICALS project, a remarkable initiative in sustainable piping. This project describes our commitment to promote sustainability and have a positive impact on the chemical sector and the environment. Sustainability in the chemical sector The OSTEND BASIC […]

Taelman in Kortrijk

Taelman Kortrijk

Taelman in Kortrijk SPRINKLERPROJECT Taelman Kortrijk – Relying on local expertise Taelman, the local electrical store, understands the importance of having quality products and services nearby. For their new premises in Kortrijk, they wanted to use West Flemish expertise to meet their needs. It was natural for Taelman to choose a partner for the fire […]

Prosafco Roeselare

Piping installatie Prosafco Roeselare

Prosafco Roeselare HVAC PROJECT HVAC Project at Prosafco In the ongoing search for sustainable and efficient building solutions, Prosafco Roeselare has completed a remarkable HVAC project. With a focus on connecting heating to the Mirom heat grid, implementing heating and ventilation in the warehouse, and installing an advanced building management monitoring system, Prosafco Roeselare has […]

Syntra West Bruges

HVAC project Syntra West Brugge

Syntra West Bruges HVAC PROJECT What is Syntra West Bruges? Everyone knows Syntra West Bruges, the well-respected training specialist. In beautiful Bruges, Syntra West Bruges is known as a renowned institute for providing education and training to professionals in various fields. Since they always strive for better and innovation, it was logical that the training […]