Your Reliable Partner for service of HVAC, Sprinkler and Piping.


Our specialized technicians are well trained in repairing various piping systems. From checking pipes and connections to locating and fixing leaks, we ensure that your piping system continues to function safely and efficiently.


Fire protection is of the highest importance! That's why our experienced and specialized service team is always on standby to regularly inspect and maintain your sprinkler systems. We make sure your sprinkler system is functioning correctly and that the system complies with current standards.


Our experienced HVAC technicians are fully up to date on the latest technology and trends in HVAC systems. Whether maintaining, repairing or upgrading your HVAC system, we will ensure efficient operation and optimal comfort in your building.

Maintenance for optimal operation and longer lifespan

Goddeeris has a professional team for service, maintenance and renovation.
Keeping your installation in top condition? We can do that! Regular maintenance works preventively and extends the lifespan.

In addition, we guarantee a more reliable and safe operation, with a minimum of breakdowns. So you can enjoy your investment longer. Reliability, that's what it's all about. With preventive maintenance, you can be confident that your installation will stay up and running, whether it's a piping, sprinkler or HVAC installation.

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Unburdening you is our mission.

Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. With our preventive maintenance program, we identify potential problems before they occur. Our technicians perform regular inspections, clean and lubricate components and make necessary adjustments to extend the reliability and life of your facilities.

Responsive Service Technicians

We understand that you need quick response to service needs. Our service teams are ready 24/7 to respond quickly and efficiently to your service requests. Whether it’s a breakdown, an emergency or just general maintenance, you can rely on our reliable service team.

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Carpenter Roeselare

Carpenter has been providing comfort for over 50 years as the largest manufacturer of polyurethane foam and many related products. Goddeeris visits them weekly to completely check their sprinkler system.

Pidy Ieper

Pidy Gourmet has been a specialist in volcano leaf, sand, and choux pastry products since 1967. They have production sites in Belgium, France and the United States. For their facility in Belgium, they rely on Goddeeris for maintenance on their sprinkler system.

Latexco Tielt

Latexco Tielt

Goddeeris is proud to perform maintenance on Latexco Tielt's installations on a regular basis. As a trusted partner, we ensure that Latexco Tielt's installations remain in optimal condition. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to perform regular maintenance and inspections, ensuring that any malfunctions are detected and remedied in a timely manner.

Need maintenance for your HVAC -, Piping - or Sprinkler system?

Our experienced service team is ready to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Get in touch or request a quote.