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What are sprinklers?

Sprinklers are like silent protectors always on standby to safeguard your property and lives. A sprinkler system consists of a clever network of pipes and sprinkler heads, strategically placed throughout your building. Their purpose? To fight fires quickly and effectively.

Choosing sprinklers is choosing peace of mind. Why?

Because these systems detect and fight fires without hesitation. Even without you, sprinklers work immediately to extinguish fire and stop spread. It’s like entrusting your possessions to the best guards.


The advantages of sprinklers

Sprinkler systems are vital. The key benefits at a glance:

Increased fire safety

During a fire, released heat and smoke gases determine how long residents can stay safe. Once a sprinkler detects fire, it begins spreading water to control the fire. This enables safe escape.

Reliable and effective

Sprinkler systems react automatically by dispersing water as soon as their heat-sensitive components reach a certain temperature. They are not activated unnecessarily by cooking fumes or cigarette smoke, ensuring reliable operation.

Limited damage

By precisely adjusting flow rates and distances, sprinklers keep fire under control. This usually limits the fire to a single room, minimizing damage.

Rapid fire department intervention

Sprinkler systems are connected to a notification center, both privately and at the regional fire department. As soon as sprinklers activate, the notification center automatically receives an alert. This ensures a quick response from the fire department.

Why choose Goddeeris for your sprinkler system?

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians work closely with you to design a sprinkler system that is perfectly tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of your building and activity. Whether it is an industrial facility, office building or retail store, we will provide a detailed design that provides the optimal coverage and protection.

Effective Fire Detection and Rapid Response

Our sprinkler systems are equipped with advanced fire detection that can quickly and accurately detect fires. Once a fire is detected, the sprinklers are automatically activated to fight the fire and prevent further spread. In this way, your building and valuable assets are protected and the safety of your employees is ensured.

Compliance with sprinkler standards

We have a deep understanding of the applicable standards and regulations for sprinkler systems. We ensure that all of our installations meet the necessary standards and that sprinkler systems are regularly maintained and tested. You can be confident that your fire protection will meet regulatory requirements and the highest safety standards.

Sprinkler maintenance and service

To make sure your sprinkler system is always working properly, we have complete maintenance and service plans. Our technicians often do tests, inspections and maintenance to make sure the system is working properly. If there are problems, we find them quickly and fix them. We also teach your staff how to use and maintain the sprinkler system.


Sprinkler installations

Discover the beauty of our sparkling sprinkler projects and experience the craftsmanship and quality we provide. Explore our portfolio and be inspired by our successful implementations of advanced sprinkler installations.
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We would be happy to visit you with a BOSEC-certified expert to help you. The BOSEC (Belgian Organization for Security Certification) certification guarantees the best quality level of fire prevention products, systems, installations and related services.