Taelman Kortrijk - Relying on local expertise

Taelman, the local electrical store, understands the importance of having quality products and services nearby. For their new premises in Kortrijk, they wanted to use West Flemish expertise to meet their needs. It was natural for Taelman to choose a partner for the fire protection of their new building of more than 2,500m², and they didn't have to look far for that partner.

Taelman Kortrijk

The importance of reliable fire protection

Fire protection is an essential aspect in the construction of any building, especially in a new building of considerable size such as Taelman Kortrijk’s. A reliable fire protection system can ensure the safety of the building, its goods and the people working there. Therefore, it was very important for Taelman to find a partner that could offer the expertise and experience needed to meet these requirements.

Goddeeris: The local partner for fire protection

The Taelman company had every confidence in Goddeeris’ local expertise and experience. For Taelman, it just made sense to partner with a company that was located nearby and had been known for their excellent fire protection services for many years. They knew they could count on the reliability and knowledge of the Goddeeris team, and that only made the choice to work together more logical.

Instead of looking further afield, Taelman chose to stay local and rely on this proven partner. That gave them peace of mind, knowing that their fire protection needs were in good hands. This smart and strategic decision laid the foundation for a successful partnership between the two companies, with efficiency and reliability at the forefront.

Expert installation by Goddeeris

Goddeeris is known for their attention to detail and commitment to quality. This was evident during the installation phase, where their experienced team worked carefully to ensure that each component of the fire protection system was properly installed and configured. The result was a fire protection system that met the highest standards and provided reliability for Taelman’s new building.

Peace of mind and security for Taelman Kortrijk

With fire protection provided by Goddeeris, Taelman can now conduct their operations in their new premises with peace of mind. They have the confidence that their valuable property and the safety of their employees are protected from the effects of fire. In addition, the system meets all relevant safety standards and regulations, contributing to the peace of mind of Taelman and their customers.

The value of local cooperation in fire protection

By choosing Goddeeris as their partner for fire protection, Taelman demonstrates not only their confidence in local expertise, but also their commitment to the community and economy of West Flanders. By choosing a reliable local partner, they emphasize the importance of working with trusted companies in the region.