Major Works at Unilin: New Storage Depots in Oostrozebeke

It's time for large-scale works at Unilin! It is with great pride that we show some pictures of their beautiful new storage sheds in Oostrozebeke. It's clear that Unilin doesn't do anything by halves when it comes to their expansion projects. When realizing these impressive facilities, it was obvious that they wanted the best fire protection solution on the market. Therefore, they chose nothing less than a high-quality sprinkler system from Goddeeris!

Unilin Oostrozebeke

Top class fire protection

When it comes to fire protection for a property of such size and significance, Unilin wants only the very best. That’s why they decided to partner with Goddeeris, a leading company specializing in fire protection. Goddeeris has earned an excellent reputation for providing high-quality fire protection solutions that meet the strictest standards and regulations.

Professional Installation by Goddeeris

When implementing the fire protection solution, the installation plays a crucial role. Goddeeris is known for their professional approach and precise installations. Their experienced team installed the sprinkler system at Unilin with the utmost care and precision. Each component was carefully configured and tested to ensure that the system performed optimally.

Unmatched Fire Protection for Unilin Oostrozebeke

By choosing Goddeeris sprinkler system, Unilin can now enjoy unparalleled fire protection in their new storage sheds. The system provides complete peace of mind and confidence in protecting their valuable assets and facilities. It meets the highest safety standards and regulations, allowing Unilin to focus on their core business with peace of mind.

Conclusion: The Best Choice for Fire Protection

Unilin has proven that they only go for the best when realizing their large-scale projects. By choosing Goddeeris’ high-quality sprinkler system, they have taken the safety and protection of their storage sheds to the next level. Unilin shows that they do not compromise when it comes to fire protection for their valuable assets.