HVAC Project at Prosafco

In the ongoing search for sustainable and efficient building solutions, Prosafco Roeselare has completed a remarkable HVAC project. With a focus on connecting heating to the Mirom heat grid, implementing heating and ventilation in the warehouse, and installing an advanced building management monitoring system, Prosafco Roeselare has proven that they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring an optimal indoor climate.

Piping installatie Prosafco Roeselare

Connecting to the Mirom heating network

A crucial aspect of the HVAC project at Prosafco Roeselare was the connection of the heating system to the Mirom heat network. By using heat generated by waste incineration, Mirom makes it possible to supply heat to various buildings in the region in a sustainable manner. Prosafco Roeselare seized this opportunity and connected their heating system to the heat network, not only reducing their dependence on fossil fuels, but also contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting the circular economy.

Heating, ventilation and cooling in the warehouse

In addition to connecting to the heat grid, Prosafco Roeselare also ensured a comfortable indoor climate in their warehouse by implementing an efficient heating, ventilation and cooling system. Through advanced technologies and well-designed airflows, an even distribution of warm or cool air is ensured, depending on the needs of the warehouse staff and stored goods. This contributes not only to the well-being and comfort of the employees, but also to maintaining the quality of the stored products.

Central building management system for monitoring

To ensure that the HVAC system at Prosafco Roeselare is performing optimally and any problems can be detected in a timely manner, an advanced central building management system has been implemented. This system allows staff to monitor the installation and track its performance in real time. It provides detailed information on energy consumption, temperature and humidity levels, air quality and other relevant parameters. Based on this data, adjustments can be made as needed to further improve efficiency and reduce energy waste.

Benefits and impact

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The HVAC project at Prosafco Roeselare offers numerous benefits and has a positive impact on several levels. First of all, the connection to the Mirom heat network contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the transition to sustainable energy sources. By using heat from waste incineration, the use of fossil fuels is minimized.

Comfortable and healthy work environment

In addition, the efficient HVAC system in the warehouse and office building provides a comfortable and healthy work environment. Employees can be more productive when they work in an environment where temperature, ventilation and air quality are optimal. In addition, the system helps maintain the quality of stored goods and provides a pleasant working environment that contributes to staff well-being.

Efficient monitoring

The centralized building management system provides efficient monitoring of the HVAC system, allowing problems to be quickly identified and addressed. This leads to improved energy efficiency and helps reduce operational costs.


Prosafco Roeselare has proudly completed an HVAC project connecting heating to the Mirom heat grid, implementing efficient systems and enabling monitoring. They are committed to sustainability and creating a comfortable working environment.