The Piping Project at Agristo Wielsbeke's Modern Water Treatment Complex

In today's society, the importance of sustainable and efficient water management cannot be underestimated. Agristo in Wielsbeke understands this and has invested in a modern water treatment complex to treat the process water of their production facility in an environmentally friendly way.

Piping installatie Agristo Wielsbeke

The importance of an efficient water treatment process

The water treatment complex at Agristo Wielsbeke plays a crucial role in ensuring sustainable water management. By efficiently purifying process water, Agristo minimizes the impact on the environment and contributes to the conservation of natural resources. Moreover, Agristo complies with legal requirements regarding water purification, which is essential for food safety and environmental protection.

Mechanical pre-purification

The treatment process begins with the mechanical pre-treatment of the process water. At this stage, the water is passed through several filters and screens to remove coarse contaminants such as sand, gravel and other solid particles. Performing this step relieves the subsequent treatment stages and extends the life of the equipment in the complex.

Anaerobic biological purification

After mechanical pretreatment, the water undergoes anaerobic biological treatment. This process uses anaerobic bacteria to break down organic matter without the use of oxygen. At this stage, the water is directed into anaerobic tanks, where the bacteria break down the organic matter and convert it into biogas, such as methane. The biogas can be used as a source of energy, making Agristo Wielsbeke a positive contribution to sustainability as well.


The piping project at Agristo Wielsbeke has made it possible to realize a modern water treatment complex that meets the highest standards of water treatment and environmental protection. The process includes mechanical pre-treatment, followed by anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment techniques.

This integrated approach ensures efficient and sustainable water management, with Agristo Wielsbeke playing an important role in conserving natural resources and minimizing environmental impact. By investing in such water treatment projects, Agristo Wielsbeke demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.