Syntra West Bruges


What is Syntra West Bruges?

Everyone knows Syntra West Bruges, the well-respected training specialist. In beautiful Bruges, Syntra West Bruges is known as a renowned institute for providing education and training to professionals in various fields.

Since they always strive for better and innovation, it was logical that the training center wanted to renew their boiler room. The heating of the large building urgently needed an update to meet the growing demands of the organization and to improve the comfort of both students and employees.

HVAC project Syntra West Brugge

Renewal of boiler room

The image clearly shows the old boiler room of Syntra West Bruges, a place that clearly needed change. The facility had been in use for quite some time and the marks of time were visible. The equipment was outdated and worn, and was beginning to show signs of reduced efficiency. It was like an old machine struggling to run at full capacity.

It was becoming increasingly clear that the boiler room no longer met Syntra West Bruges’ growing demands and expectations. The old equipment could no longer deliver the same performance as before, compromising both functionality and comfort. It was clear that a much-needed modernization and upgrade had to take place to bring the boiler room back in line with current standards and needs.

Furthermore, there were old pipes and limited space, which made managing the boiler room difficult. It was clear that steps needed to be taken quickly for a reliable and energy-efficient heating solution.

With this need in mind, a thorough renovation of the boiler room was initiated. The following photos show the results of the carefully executed renovation process. The new boiler room is truly a feat of modernity and efficiency. The space has been optimized with good equipment, allowing the heating systems to operate smoothly.

The second picture shows the new boiler room from a strategic perspective. It is immediately noticeable that significantly more space has been created, providing ample room for fuel storage and spare parts. In addition, modern and shiny heating equipment has been carefully placed, conveying a sense of professionalism and forward-thinking.

Reliable and modern heating solution

Renovating their boiler room not only provided a modern and reliable heating solution, but also a better learning environment. Students and staff can now enjoy more comfort and a pleasant atmosphere, which helps create a good learning environment and achieve successful results.