Efficient Refrigeration for Colruyt Halle Distribution Center

Colruyt Halle's distribution center underwent a significant renovation and expansion late last year. To ensure that all their fresh products remain at the right temperature, Goddeeris implemented the innovative Liquid Ice Piping Project.

Piping Colruyt Halle

What is the Liquid Ice Piping Project?

The Liquid Ice Piping Project is an advanced refrigeration system that uses liquid ice as an efficient and sustainable refrigerant. Unlike traditional refrigeration systems, which use conventional refrigerants, this project uses a more environmentally friendly alternative. The liquid ice is produced during off-peak hours when electricity demand is low. It is then stored and used to cool Colruyt’s distribution center during peak hours, when electricity demand is high.

Benefits of the Liquid Ice Piping Project.

Energy conservation:

By using liquid ice as a refrigerant, the Liquid Ice Piping Project can provide significant energy savings. Colruyt’s distribution center benefits from lower electricity costs and reduced energy consumption, resulting in a positive impact on the environment.


Using liquid ice as a refrigerant provides a more reliable cooling system compared to traditional systems. The ice is stored in insulated tanks and can be used for extended periods of time, even during power outages. This ensures that Colruyt’s fresh produce always remains at the right temperature, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Environmental Friendliness:

The Liquid Ice Piping Project is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional refrigeration systems. Instead of using refrigerants that can harm the ozone layer and contribute to climate change, the use of liquid ice makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.

Implementation at Colruyt distribution center

Goddeeris successfully implemented the Liquid Ice Piping Project at Colruyt’s distribution center. The project involved the installation of advanced piping systems and storage tanks to efficiently transport and store the liquid ice. By working with qualified engineers and experts in refrigeration technology, Goddeeris ensured seamless integration of the system into the existing distribution center.

Results and future perspectives:

Since the implementation of the Liquid Ice Piping Project, Colruyt’s distribution center has achieved significant benefits. In addition to energy savings and reliable refrigeration, the project has also contributed to Colruyt’s sustainability goals. The success of this project opens the door to further implementations of environmentally friendly refrigeration systems in other sites and distribution centers.


Goddeeris’ Liquid Ice Piping Project has provided Colruyt’s distribution center with an efficient and sustainable refrigeration system. The benefits of energy savings, reliability and environmental friendliness make this project an outstanding example of innovation in refrigeration technology. With this success as a guide, other companies and organizations can be inspired to embrace similar environmentally friendly technologies and contribute to a more sustainable future.