Piping project at Ostend Basic Chemicals

In Ostend, Goddeeris proudly implemented the OSTEND BASIC CHEMICALS project, a remarkable initiative in sustainable piping. This project describes our commitment to promote sustainability and have a positive impact on the chemical sector and the environment.

Ostend basic chemicals pijpleidingen

Sustainability in the chemical sector

The OSTEND BASIC CHEMICALS project, implemented by Goddeeris, focuses on sustainability in the chemical sector. We focused on implementing responsible and efficient piping solutions that minimize harmful emissions and reduce energy waste.

Advanced piping technologies

As a leading firm, we applied advanced piping technologies in the project. By using innovative designs and materials, we have improved the efficiency of the piping network. This has resulted in lower energy consumption and better control of the chemical transport system.

Safety and environmental protection

At Goddeeris, we attach great importance to safety and environmental protection. Therefore, we have implemented strict standards and protocols to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment. We use environmentally friendly materials and processes to minimize our impact on the environment.

Positive impact on the region

The success of the project is due to close collaboration and shared expertise. By collaborating with other stakeholders, including suppliers and industry experts, we exchanged valuable knowledge and applied best practices.

Collaboration and expertise

In addition to the technical benefits, the piping project also has a positive impact on the region. It creates new jobs and stimulates economic growth in Ostend. Moreover, the project reinforces the city’s reputation as a sustainable and progressive hub in the chemical sector.


Goddeeris is proud of the successful execution of the OSTEND BASIC CHEMICALS project in Ostend. Through our commitment to sustainability and our expertise in piping solutions, we have contributed to a better future for the chemical sector. The project serves as an inspiration to other industries striving for sustainability and progress.