Europees Sociaal Fonds


What is the European Social Fund?

The European Social Fund (ESF) plays a vital and multi-faceted role in supporting various projects aimed at improving skills, promoting equal opportunities and stimulating sustainable employment. As a major financial instrument, the ESF actively contributes to reducing inequalities and creating opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background, age or socioeconomic status.

What does the ESF invest in?

The ESF invests in a wide range of initiatives and activities to promote positive change. For example, it supports programs aimed at improving the skills and competencies of individuals, whether it is strengthening digital skills, developing entrepreneurship or promoting lifelong learning.

In addition, the ESF also focuses on addressing inequalities and promoting inclusion in the labor market. It supports initiatives aimed at promoting equal opportunities for women, young people, persons with disabilities, migrants and other vulnerable groups. Through measures such as training programs, mentoring programs, internships and guidance, the ESF helps these groups develop their talents, build self-confidence and successful careers.

How is Goddeeris involved in the ESF?

Goddeeris is facing a major challenge with the achievement of a Big Hairy Audicious Goal (BHAG) over a period of about 10 years. With this innovative look to the future, we want to prepare the entire organization. We want to develop the innovative work organization to perfection with:
  • An active work organization with self-managing teams and clear division of tasks.
  • Good communication throughout the organization and follow-up of internal and external projects.
  • People who feel attracted to Goddeeris and who support our philosophy.
  • Employees who grow sustainably with Goddeeris through their skills and customized training. This is where Goddeeris Academy plays a major role.
  • Setting up an evaluation policy that is supported by the managers and the organization.