Underground parking ‘t Zand Bruges

Parking t Zand Brugge

Underground parking ‘t Zand Bruges SPRINKLERPROJECT The Crucial Role of Goddeeris at Parking 't Zand in Bruges Welcome to a fascinating look behind the scenes of the large-scale project: the metamorphosis of Parking ‘t Zand in charming Bruges. This project includes an extensive transformation involving every conceivable modern element, from HVAC to plumbing, fire protection, […]

Clarebout Potatoes Nieuwkerke

Clarebout Nieuwkerke

Clarebout Potatoes Nieuwkerke SPRINKLER PROJECT Efficient sprinkler installation for Clarebout Potatoes Nieuwkerke As one of the world’s leading players in frozen potato products for private labels, Clarebout Potatoes plays a crucial role in the food industry. To ensure that their facilities are optimally equipped with the latest safety measures, Clarebout Potatoes has partnered with Goddeeris. […]

Taelman in Kortrijk

Taelman Kortrijk

Taelman in Kortrijk SPRINKLERPROJECT Taelman Kortrijk – Relying on local expertise Taelman, the local electrical store, understands the importance of having quality products and services nearby. For their new premises in Kortrijk, they wanted to use West Flemish expertise to meet their needs. It was natural for Taelman to choose a partner for the fire […]