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Sprinkler systems are used to protect large areas, such as warehouses and production halls, and are necessary to detect, signal, control and extinguish an incipient fire.

The sprinkler system is usually triggered by an incipient fire. This keeps the fire well under control until the emergency services arrive.

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We are happy to visit you with a BOSEC certified expert to help you. The BOSEC certificate (Belgian Organisation for Security Certification) guarantees the best quality level of fire prevention products, systems, installations and related services. At Goddeeris, colleague Wouter Ver Eecke holds the certificate.

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Clarebout Potatoes has grown into one of the world’s leading players in frozen potato products for private labels. Their loading zones were fitted with a sprinkler system by Goddeeris.


Electrostore Taelman only called on West-Flemish expertise for their new building. Why look far when quality is close at hand? Goddeeris was selected for the fire protection of the building of more than 2.500m².


Big works at Unilin! And you can take that quite literally with the following photos of their new storage buildings in Oostrozebeke. For their fire protection they chose the best on the market: a sprinkler installation by Goddeeris!


A new assisted living project was recently completed in Ingelmunster. In addition to spacious and light-flooded assisted living facilities, they also include a large underground car park, which was fully sprinklered by Goddeeris for fire safety reasons.

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