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Goddeeris has a professional team for service, maintenance and renovation.

Want to keep your installation in top condition? We can do that! Regular maintenance has a preventive effect and extends the life span. In addition, we guarantee a more reliable and safer operation, with a minimum of malfunctions. So you can enjoy your investment longer. Reliability, that’s what it’s all about. Through preventive maintenance, you can be confident that your installation will stay up and running, whether it involves piping, sprinklers or HVAC.

Unburdening you, that is our mission.


Goddeeris specialises in the design and installation of industrial pipelines. We engineer, manufacture, install and maintain industrial pipelines in steel, stainless steel and plastic.

Our certified technicians work out a reliable pipeline network with high-quality materials. The pipelines are used for steam, water, gas and food, and our certified TIG welders make Goddeeris a valued partner of food producers, breweries, dairies, chemical companies, etc.

After installation, we move on to the next phase: that of flexible service and maintenance. Our installations are durable but a regular check-up remains important. So we offer annual maintenance, leak detection, fast repairs and we answer all your questions.

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Benefit from a well-managed HVAC installation. Preventive maintenance ensures that your installation functions optimally throughout the year.

By maintaining installations properly every year, the installation will experience considerably fewer malfunctions, thus avoiding unnecessary repair costs, limiting energy consumption, there are legal obligations with regard to maintenance, leakage tests for both air conditioners and burners, etc., and insurance companies impose certain rules regarding the maintenance of installations. and insurance companies impose certain rules regarding the maintenance of installations.

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Goddeeris sprinkler systems are customised for fire protection. Production halls, storage areas, high-bay warehouses, office spaces… For each application, the optimal solution is available.

A sprinkler installation needs of course maintenance. Preventive maintenance and testing are necessary. Preventive maintenance is intended to keep the installation in ‘nominal’ condition and is carried out by certified installers. All testing and maintenance work is aimed at ensuring that the sprinkler installation functions properly in the event of a fire and at least keeps it under control.

Goddeeris offers you a complete service related to the inspection, testing and maintenance of your systems. We detect any defects or malfunctions in time so that your installation always does what it is intended to do.

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Carpenter has been providing comfort for over 50 years as the largest manufacturer of polyurethane foam and many related products. Goddeeris visits them every week to completely check their sprinkler installation.


Pidy Gourmet is a specialist in volcanic puff pastry, shortbread and choux pastry products, and has been since 1967. They have production sites in Belgium, France and the United States. For their branch in Belgium they rely on Goddeeris for the maintenance of their sprinkler installation.