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Industrial piping

Industrial piping is a speciality. We install pipes in steel, stainless steel and plastic, for both process piping and utility piping. This is precision work that stands or falls with the quality of the assembly.

Our pipes are used for steam, gas and water, among other things, but also for the transport of food.

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The installation of pipelines is best done by experts. With almost 60 years of experience, Goddeeris is the ideal partner. Our craftsmen adapt existing systems and have no problem whatsoever with the installation of new pipelines.

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Agristo Wielsbeke

Agristo has a modern water treatment complex. The process water is first purified mechanically and then further purified in an anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment.

Colruyt Halle

Colruyt’s distribution centre was due for a thorough renovation and expansion at the end of last year. Thanks to Goddeeris’ liquid ice piping project, all their fresh products remain nicely cool.

Group Vandamme Deinze

Oil factory Vandamme is active in producing and refining vegetable oils based on maize germs and sunflower seeds. They produce no less than 300 tons of vegetable oil per day, which flows through the Goddeeris pipes!

Ostend Basic Chemicals

OBC produces PSA and derivatives for the European market. They continuously invest in energy- and resource-efficient, safe production equipment. The site has a long tradition of producing phthalic anhydride.

Westfro Staden

Westfro produces and markets frozen vegetables, vegetable mixes, fruit, potatoes and herbs. For the new packaging line at Westfro, Goddeeris is installing all necessary water and compressed air pipes, foam and disinfection pipes and finally also all pipes for the waste water.


The energy cooperative BeauVent is currently rolling out a heat network with kilometres of hot water pipes in Ostend. Initially, apartment buildings with a central boiler room and companies will be connected, including the two residential towers of SKY Towers!

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