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As purebred entrepreneurs, we are used to taking matters into our own hands.

Bottleneck jobs? Scarcity in the labor market? We deal with it. Consistent mentoring, retraining and training of our people in the Goddeeris Academy allows our team to continue to grow and develop.

At Goddeeris we don’t focus on your diploma, but we also look at your motivation and talents. Thanks to the Academy we help you develop your talents further, so you can soon be part of our Goddeeris family.

How do we do it?

TIG welder wanted

We are proud of this pilot project! Together with VDAB Ieper and VDAB Brugge we are taking the reins to recruit good TIG welders. Are you an experienced welder, but by chance not a TIG welder? No problem at all! You are welcome with us, we will make sure that you can get started thanks to the right retraining.

Continuing Education

Lifelong learning doesn’t sound like an obstacle to us, but a challenge. With us, you gain experience, evolve, your priorities may change and you may realize that it is time to expand your horizons or learn the latest techniques. Every employee is given the chance to take advantage of new training opportunities both internally and externally.

Dutch and English classes

Also our non-Dutch speaking colleagues get support to communicate better with colleagues and customers by offering them Dutch lessons after working hours, all paid for by Goddeeris itself. It’s a win-win!


Follow an internship as part of your education. Plenty of options, because we are looking for many different profiles: TIG welders, fitters, plumbing and heating installers, industrial engineers, etc. Young potential is certainly welcome with us!

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