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Industrial HVAC and plumbing

With our industrial HVAC unit, we provide you with plumbing, heating, ventilation and cooling.

Our focus is mainly on complex and large-scale projects such as office buildings, industrial halls, residential care centres… If you have something else in mind for us, feel free to give us a call.

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An HVAC installation is very complex. It is important to place and install all the units correctly so that they are optimally coordinated with the heating and ventilation systems in the building.

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Mulder Natural Foods has been producing breakfast cereals since 2004 and in 17 years has grown into a European market leader. In 2019, work began on their new office buildings with a brand new R&D and innovation centre. All HVAC and plumbing was installed by Goddeeris!


Everyone knows Syntra, the specialist in training. In order to heat the buildings of Syntra West Bruges, an urgent renewal of their boiler room was necessary. First you see a picture of their old installation, then some pictures of the new furnace room.


Prosafco is one of the biggest players in the Belgian market for personal protection equipment, company and work clothing. In addition to new offices, there is also a production department and a huge new warehouse with room for 8,800 pallets and 36,400 bins.


After years of loyal service, the old boiler room was taken in hand and it was time for a breath of fresh air in the boiler room of the Midwest fire station in Roeselare. Thanks to Goddeeris’ fine work, everything shines again and our local heroes can continue for a long time.


For their new office building, the notary Strobbe relies on Goddeeris. Their offices were completely equipped with a climate ceiling.


The H. Hart residential and care hotel, located in the heart of Kortrijk, has a capacity of 207 beds. In addition to the residential care centre, there is also a day care centre and a short stay centre.


The Transfo is an old power station and, like the nearby Bossuit-Kortrijk canal, is a product of the 19th-century industrial revolution. The heritage is given a completely new socio-cultural purpose, thanks to the Goddeeris plumbers, among others!

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