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What exactly does industrious mean? Simple: hard-working, diligent, tireless. Let these qualities be the beating heart of our family business! We are fully committed. Not only for our customers, but also for our core, all Goddeeris employees.

Each and every one of them professionals with extensive knowledge, a team with a lot of enthusiasm: industrious people!

Roeselare Awards

3-time winner


Accent Awards

Winner Diversity and Training


Unizo Dag van de Medewerker



JEAN-LOUIS Goddeeris

STIJN Goddeeris

TOM Goddeeris

JAN Goddeeris


We started out as a local family business in the heart of Roeselare. Today, we have grown into a full player and specialist in INDUSTRIAL HVAC and INDUSTRIAL PIPING. And we still have ambitions, because we know that we can make the difference in so many different areas. We dare to do things differently in our own unique way. So expect just that little bit more from us, because we want to move forward.

Colleagues who enjoy their job, that’s the right people on board! And people with the right attitude, that is what you will find at Goddeeris. Employees who find challenge and pleasure in their job. At Goddeeris we believe that having the right people on board will get you a lot further. Because let’s face it, our business is not just about installing HVAC or laying pipes. Putting together that one, unique team, that’s our thing. That’s where we make the difference. Together, we always go flat out for the agreements made, correct budgets and strictly follow the planning.

Ovenhoek 26

Bring people together to learn, network or relax at our beautiful business location.
The setting suits any kind of event.